New in the Basket: Honeycombs from Tabora Beekeepers

Some beekeepers from Tabora will strat supplying us with Honeycom on a weekly basis.

If you are interested, please drop leave us a message on our Email or call us.

Bees… some can’t live with them, but we all can’t live without them. Did you know that bees pollinate over 30% of the food we eat?! In addition to their help with keeping crops alive, bees also make a deliciously sweet and sticky substance that we use essentially as nature’s syrup. Honeycomb is a cluster of repeating hexagonal wax cells that fill the interior of a honey bee beehive.

Honeycomb is extremely nutritious and packed with vitamins. People have been buzzing over the sweetness, healing properties and health benefits of honeycomb for thousands of years. Honeycomb packs a whole bunch of nutrients that regular honey cannot bring to the table. Raw and unfiltered honeycomb contains amazing benefits: it can boost the immune system and assist in treating a cold, just to name a few.

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